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Bergmekanikdagen och Bergteknikdagen (formerly known as BK-dagen) was held at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm.
Edvirt had a sucessful exhibition at the event where we had great discussions about concrete spraying and the importance of training.
Congratulations to Anton Lind who won the Master Sprayer Competition and recieved a tablet.

Edvirt in Hong Kong

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Edvirt™ started off the year by making an apperance in Hong Kong to showcase our VR Shotcrete Simulator™ in the asian-pacific region.
The event was organized by BASF and included visits to CIC (Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre), Paul Y. Engineering and Infinity Lab where the "Golden Nozzle Competition" was held.

We would especially like to thank James Mulholland and Michelle Poulter for organizing this amazing event!

Collaboration with employment agency


The Unit for External Employer Interaction in Stockholm (EfAS - Enheten för Extern Arbetsgivarsamverkan, Stockholms Stad) is an agency that works with special employment programs and various forms of adult education to give local citizens the opportunity to work, career change and develop in the workplace.

Edvirt has during the autumn collaborated with EfAS in training 9 selected participants with the aim of getting them work in the E4 Stockholm Bypass project. The training included both sprayed concrete and rock grouting courses developed to equip the participants with vital knowledge to work with the processes in the project. The courses included theory, laboratory tests and simulation training. 

Certification at Boliden

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Edvirt® is currently training some operators at Boliden's sites in the Skellefteå area as a part of Boliden's new certification Bergförstärkning med sprutbetong inom Boliden ("Rock support with shotcrete at Boliden"), established together with Edvirt®. The certification courses include theory, lab tests and simulator training and assessments.

Simulator to Hinkley POINT C, UK

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As of early October this year, Bam Nuttall in United Kingdom recieved a 3D Shotcrete simulator™. The simulator is to be used by operators who work on the construction site of Hinkley Point C, a new nuclear power station by EDF Energy.
Bam Nuttall is requiring all SCL operators to pass an on site assessment and Edvirt´s simulation certification program, ESCOT™.
In charge of the training is Malcolm Galvin, SCL General Foreman at BAM Nuttall.

Edvirt at BASF shotcrete workshop


During 23-25 october Edvirt joined BASF for a sprayed concrete workshop in Switzerland. The workshop was held in Hagerbach Test Gallery, a showcase tunnel for research and development in underground mining. Edvirt had the opportunity to showcase our shotcrete simulator and talk about the importance of training. The event also included cement and accelerator reactivity testing, concrete mixing and a spraying demo with Atlas Copcos ME5.

Sprayed concrete workshop with Oyu Tolgoi in Mongolia

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Edvirt took part of a sprayed concrete workshop arranged by BASF for Oyu Tolgoi in Mongolia between 4-7 April. The around 40 participants from OT and Red Path got to learn about sprayed concrete though theoretical, practical and simulator sessions.

A big congratulations to Joshua Watson who won the virtual spraying competition, and was awarded the Master Sprayer Competition Trophy.

Training in the U.S.

At the end of August, Edvirt performed a spray concrete training week for Barrick Gold together with BASF. Approx. 20 people got the chance to try the 3D Shotcrete Simulator™ with the included course package.

If you would like your organization to get to try out virtual spray concrete training or if you want to order a 5 days long training course including theory and simulator training, please contact

Over 300 operators and 19 000 m³ sprayed!

Over 300 operators at various places around the world has now gone through virtual training with Edvirt's 3D Shotcrete Simulator™. These operators have used over
19 000 m³ of concrete during their time in the simulator. "This is a small, but great step towards our vision of only seeing properly trained sprayed concrete operators in production", says Eric Göransson, CEO Edvirt AB. 

New features: "Hardening concrete" and "Overbreak filling"


Edvirt has recently finished the development of two new advanced features in the 3D Shotcrete Simulator™. Operators can now in real-time see when the concrete is hardening. This knowledge can help them to establish when it is safe and efficient to put on a second layer as well as when it is okay to walk under the concrete.

The second feature, Overbreak filling, builds on the Hardening concrete feature. This feature teaches operators to focus on spraying a smooth surface and fill an overbreak, rather than applying a certain thickness, while also teaching the operators to wait for the concrete to harden before adding more layers.

New world record!

Stoyan Stoyanov from Dundee Precious Metals is the new world record holder for virtual sprayed concrete training. Mr Stoyanov completed all 18 training scenarios in Edvirt's 3D Shotcrete Simulator in only 8 hours, 41 minutes and 45 seconds, which is the fastest time yet. Mr Stoyanov performed his training at Blue Square's training facility in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Congratulations to Stoyan Stoyanov from all employees at Edvirt!