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EFNARC C2 course in Switzerland

EDVIRT and VSH successfully ran an EFNARC C2 course again last week. The course was held at VSH’s facilities in Hagerbach, Flums and contained all modules in the EFNARC C2 certification; theory, VR training, real spraying and a written exam.

A number of courses had previously been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but now this one was enabled due to lifted restrictions and a well-planned and safe execution.
“We are really happy that we again can at least start to look at international courses. We have had lots to do in our domestic markets, but have been longing to perform the renowned international EFNARC courses. We hope that this is a sign that things can start moving again. Well done all!”, states Tomislav Rogan, CEO Edvirt Group.

EDVIRT wants to congratulate the course participants who all gave a 100 % during the five-day course and passed all modules.

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Nozzleman assessments in Chile

Claudio Flores of EDVIRT in Chile performed Nozzleman assessments last week at Codelco’s mines in Calama. EDVIRT supervised spraying and the Nozzlemen went through tests on EDVIRT’s VR Shotcrete Simulator™ in order to collect data on e.g. rebound, over-spraying and safety violations.

We are happy to see that training now can be picked up in Chile. Keep up the good work!

Claudio Flores de EDVIRT en Chile realizó evaluaciones de Nozzleman la semana pasada en las minas de Codelco en Calama. EDVIRT supervisó la fumigación y los hombres de las boquillas pasaron por pruebas en el VR Shotcrete Simulator ™ de EDVIRT para recopilar datos, por ejemplo, rebote, pulverización excesiva y violaciones de seguridad.

Estamos felices de ver que la capacitación ahora se puede retomar en Chile. ¡Sigan con el buen trabajo!


Shotcrete training in Kazakhstan

Edvirt performed its first concrete spraying training course in Kazakhstan during the 9-21st of March. The course was held for Schachtbau in the region Chromtau and was conducted for 16 novice operators. The course included a theory session, theory exam and a practical session involving virtual training and assessments.

The virtual assessment included a spraying test prior and after the training. The results showed significant improvements for all attendees. One of the key parameters in concrete spraying performance is rebound. In average, the rebound was reduced from 26% to 16% (10% saving) corresponding to a reduction of 38% across all operators in average. Putting this in perspective, if you spray 10.000 m3 per year, assuming a cost of 250 EUR per m3, a 10% saving in rebound means a saving of 250.000 EUR per year.

The Edvirt team wants to thank Euroasia Bild Group and Master Builders Solutions for a successful project outcome in Kazakhstan. We hope more contractors and mining companies in the country will invest in their staff, safety and spraying operations.


Shotcrete course launched in France


Edvirt has, together with the shotcrete and injection equipment distributor BMS, launched a shotcrete course in France. The course is called "Pilote de robot” sur Simulateur and combines one day of theory with three days simulator training. The fourth day ends up with a theory exam. The passing participants are awarded Edvirt’s training certificate ESCOT™.

The first course was held between the 17-20th of Feb and included participants from Bouyues Construction.
The second course is already scheduled for the 30th of March - 2nd of April.

Interested in joining or sending your staff to the course, please see the website or contact BMS directly.


Jean De Saint Julien
Tel. : +33 1 34 34 50 50

First EFNARC C2 course in UK

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Between the 25-29th of Nov Edvirt UK Ltd. arranged the first EFNARC C2 course in the UK. Four participants from, among others, Joseph Gallagher Ltd participated in the course aimed towards both novice and experienced sprayed concrete operators. In line with EFNARC’s extensive training and certification plan for the new certificate, the participants got to go through a full day of theory, three days of VR training and assessment and end up with an online theory exam and a practical spraying session. The course was held at Joseph Gallagher’s facilities in Orsett and Kevin Stubberfield, Director at Edvirt UK and EFNARC Examiner, was the course leader.

The next course will be held 30th of March - 3rd of April 2020. Register here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Kevin Stubberfield, Director Edvirt UK

Tel: + 44 (0) 7554 665621

Tomislav Rogan, CEO Edvirt Group
Tel: +46 (0) 737 66 0240

Edvirt UK established


Edvirt Group decided earlier this year to invest in establishing itself in the United Kingdom. After having been involved in various projects in the country like Crossrail and Hinkley Point, the aim is to have a more permanent presence in the UK. Edvirt UK Ltd. was set up earlier this year and will have its premises in Peterborough. Kevin Stubberfield has been appointed as Managing Director - a position he will hold aside from his daily duties at Ck-tech Ltd. Kevin Stubberfield has vast experience from the tunneling and mining industry, working as a product and chemical specialist, as well as offering contracting services.

Edvirt UK Ltd. will be offering training courses for mining and tunneling applications, simulator rentals and software development services. It will kick-start by arranging a number of sprayed concrete and injection courses during 2020 - mixing theory, practical and simulation training.

Kevin Stubberfield, Managing Director, Edvirt UK

Kevin Stubberfield,
Managing Director, Edvirt UK

Edvirt UK Ltd.
42 Culley Court,
Orton Southgate
Peterborough PE2 6WA

Kevin Stubberfield, Director Edvirt UK
Tel: + 44 (0) 7554 665621

Tomislav Rogan, CEO Edvirt Group
Tel: +46 (0) 737 66 0240

EFNARC C2 course in Switzerland


EFNARC C2 is a certification launched by EFNARC on WTC in Naples 2019. The certification can be obtained a after attending a 5-day course including theory, VR training and assessment as well as a practical session. The course is aimed towards both novice and experienced operators and the teaching is held by EFNARC Examiners.

Edvirt together with CUC and Campus Sursee arranged the first ever EFNARC C2 course at Hagerbach in Switzerland between the 16-20 of Sept. The participants included operators with between 1 week and 1 year of robotic spraying experience. The participants went through 8 hours of theory, 24 hours of VR training, going through 12 advanced assignments, and 8 hours of practical spraying and associated procedures. The participants also did an individual online theory test with 30 multiple-choice questions. After handing in a document demonstrating at least 40 days of spraying experience they will obtain a EFNARC C2, valid for 5 years. The next EFNARC C2 course arranged by Edvirt will be held in the UK in a couple of weeks.

Wanna learn more about the certification and course? Please visit

Edvirt in Chile


In June 2019, Adrian Hedström, International Account Manager at Edvirt AB held a conference session on the topic of virtual shotcrete training at the Congreso Shotcrete Underground in Santiago, Chile, which is arranged by Instituto del Cemento y del Hormigón de Chile (ICH).
Edvirt is currently working with the mining company Codelco to provide efficiency, standardize and free up costs in the qualification and certification process for shotcrete operators.

From roads in Palestine to tunnels in Sweden


Thirty year old Alaa Alshaqra moved to Sweden two years ago from Palestine, due to the dangerous situation back home. In Palestine he used to work as a civil engineer in construction of roads and buildings and was a site engineer for United Nations in different projects supporting the Palestinians in Gaza strip.

When he got to Sweden, he had difficulties in getting a job within his field and was unemployed for some time, even though he attended different internships. When the E4 Stockholm Bypass project started he got an offer to participate in Edvirt´s shotcrete and grouting certification courses, arranged by the City of Stockholm and EfAS (The Unit for External Employer Interaction). The courses equipped Alaa with hands on knowledge that was great to combine with his engineering degree and previous work experience from Palestine. It also helped him to get a job in the tunnelling industry. “It was a really good course with a mix of theory, practical assessments and information around safety procedures. The course is well suited for both operators and engineers”, says Alaa.

He now works for LSAB (Lovön Samverkan AB) at the site FSE308 in the E4 Stockholm Bypass project. His job duties are mainly quality control engineer, but also to follow up and apply shotcrete and to be part of the grouting team, both of which he is certified for by the Swedish Transport Administration.

The course Alaa attended was initiated and financed by the City of Stockholm and the department EfAS. Edvirt is now also running a similar employment program with West Hisingen district in the City of Gothenburg.

“We especially enjoy to hold courses for participants like Alaa, where the course can make a huge difference for individuals. It’s really great to see him at his new job”, says Edvirt’s CEO Tomislav Rogan.

Employment project with City of Gothenburg

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The demand for underground workers in the Swedish mining and tunneling industry is getting bigger and bigger. At present, there are a couple of major projects ongoing, including LKAB’s and Boliden’s mining sites as well as the tunneling projects E4 Stockholm Bypass and the Westlink.  The are also huge projects underway like the Nuclear storage project in Forsmark and the extension of the subway in Stockholm. There is already a shortage of underground workers in the industry and over the next 10 years there will be an even bigger need.

Edvirt has together with the City of Gothenburg entered into a collaboration about the training of 10 unemployed individuals living in the West Hisingen district. The participants are given the opportunity to go through Edvirt’s shotcrete training courses, equipping them with skills for work underground. The courses and training is currently in progress and will include theory, concrete lab tests and shotcrete VR-training. The participants will after the training also do internships at various sites in Sweden.

If you are interested in getting more information, or potentially can offer an internship or a job, please contact:

Tomislav Rogan
Tel. +46 737 66 02 40

Edvirt in Mongolia


Edvirt performed shotcrete training in Mongolia for operators working at Rio Tinto, Oyu Tolgoi. The site is a combined open pit and underground mining project. 
The Oyu Tolgoi mining project is expected upon completion to produce 450,000 tonnes of copper and 330,000 oz of gold annually.
Other than operators performing training, Edvirt had a lot of engineers that tested the VR Shotcrete Simulator™.

Eric Odkrans elected to EFNARC Executive Committee

Our Head of Business Development, Eric Odkrans, has been elected to join the EFNARC Executive Committee, which is the governing body of EFNARC.

"I'm happy to join the committee and help Mr. Eckstein and the others. Edvirt has vast experience in shotcrete training and certification, as well as digitalization, so we can hopefully contribute to take EFNARC to the next level." says Eric Odkrans.


EFNARC is a not for profit organisation founded in 1989 and comprises Company members and Associate Members from Europe, Asia and Australasia. Its current focus is underground construction technology, particularly in relation to sprayed concrete having launched the Nozzleman Certification Scheme in September 2009.





Eric Odkrans and Petter Börjesson founded Edvirt after studies at Chalmers University of Technology. The company has also been owned by the startup accelerator Chalmers Ventures, as well as the tunneling contractor BESAB.

Edvirt has now been acquired by Eric, Petter and the company's new CEO Tomislav Rogan. The management will change in such a way that the former CEO Eric Odkrans will instead become sales and business development manager, in addition to the role of chairman of the holding company. The new owners will continue to focus on virtual education for the tunnel and mining industry, while expanding Edvirt's service portfolio and presence in existing markets.  The company is, for example, planning the release of a new virtual training service during Q1-2019.

From left: Petter Börjesson - Technical Manager, Tomislav Rogan - CEO, Eric Odkrans - Head of Business Development 

From left: Petter Börjesson - Technical Manager, Tomislav Rogan - CEO, Eric Odkrans - Head of Business Development 


Comment from founder and former CEO, Eric Odkrans

Why are you buying the company?
The main reason is because we believe in the company, both in terms of what we have done so far and the future strategy. Edvirt was founded in 2013 and it has been an incredibly journey. Our spray concrete simulator has gone from being a research project at Chalmers, to a requirement by the Swedish Transport Agency and a national standard in Sweden. We have developed three different products and related services that are today being sold internationally. Furthermore, I am very proud that we have implemented VR in a good way. Many companies seem to only use the technology because it's a "cool thing" - it has added great value for us and our customers.

Edvirt has in a short period of time established itself in the tunnel and mining industry, and we have customers all over the world. Our subsidiary in Australia was started with a minimum budget - and now, after two years, it has already reached break-even. We have developed Edvirt with a strong focus on sales and customer financing and so far we have not received one dime in venture capital – therefore it is even more exciting to show sales of approximately 8.5 MSEK in 2017 and an operating profit of about 1 MSEK. It feels like the right timing to make an ownership change, keep momentum and accelerate forward.

Why the change of CEO?
I am very pleased that Tomislav is joining the team. I have know him since the university and we have worked together before. He is extremely industrious, structured, and capable of leading people. AND we have fun together! Having Tomislav join the team, I will be able to focus more on what I like the most - sales and leading our sales team. We want to increase the company's sales so I think its best if I focus my energy on that.

How will the Board be constitued?
It will change somewhat. In the last two years, Petter Börjesson, Jan E. Liljeqvist, Lars-Göran Dahlqvist and Christian Kleen have served as Board members. I would especially like to thank the last three.

Lars-Göran and Christian at BESAB have also really proven that their company cares about improving the tunnel industry. However, the person who has contributed the most has been a substitute, their CTO, Tommy Ellison, who came up with the idea of spray concrete simulator to begin with. Tommy is a technical genius and a great asset for us and also the entire tunnel industry.


Comment from CEO Tomislav Rogan

What happens now?
I have known Eric for many years now and I've followed Edvirts development from the start at Chalmers. I am very happy to take a place in the team and I look forward to have Edvirt gearing up. An exciting time is awaiting, where our focus will be on strengthening our home markets Sweden and Australia, as well as increasing the number of international partners. We are also working on a new virtual training service for the Australian mining industry, which we are looking forward to launch.

Our goal is to grow Edvirt while at the same time maintain good profitability. We all believe in a structure where all owners are active in the company and we hope to take the steps required to reach 20 MSEK in revenues with a profit of 20-25% over the next two years.


For more information, please contact

Eric Odkrans
Head of Business Development
Tel: +46 73 766 26 37


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The West Link project has just received approval and the project has officially started. Together with the German company Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau, NCC has been awarded the Korsvägen stage, which is one of the sub-projects with the most work underground in the project. After the summer, this work is expected to begin and until then the tunnel operators need to be fully trained.  

In total, the West Link project's budget is 20 billion SEK. It will be 8 km, whereby 6 km will consist of tunnel and it will include three underground stations. The Swedish Transport Administration has so far procured stages worth 14 billion SEK. NCC has so far been awarded the biggest part, as the contract for Korsvägen is worth about 2.4 million SEK and the new Central station is approximately 4.7 billion SEK. 

As for the E4 Stockholm Bypass project,  the Swedish Transport Administration requires operators who performs spray concrete, grouting and bolting works in the West Link project to be certified. Edvirt and NCC Infrastructure have therefore entered into a cooperation where NCC's tunnel operators will undergo Edvirt's different certification courses.

The concrete spraying certification includes a few days of training and simulator tests, where operators have to prove their skills. During week 21, Edvirt initiated the virtual courses at NCC's facility in Jordbro and their first operators underwent 17 tests in Edvirt's 'VR Shotcrete Simulator ™'.



For more information contact:

Eric Odkrans
Head of Business Development
Tel: +46 73 766 26 37


WTC in Dubai

Foto 2018-04-23 10 47 45.jpg

Between 21-25th of april, Edvirt, in collaboration with BASF, attended the World Tunnel Congress in Dubai. Edvirt´s own Adrian Hedström held a presentation about sprayed concrete certification training at the ITAtech meeting.
Alot of people also got to try our VR Shotcrete Simulator during the BASF Master Sprayer Competition. We look forward to seeing you again next year in Naples, Italy.