Shotcrete training in Kazakhstan

Edvirt performed its first concrete spraying training course in Kazakhstan during the 9-21st of March. The course was held for Schachtbau in the region Chromtau and was conducted for 16 novice operators. The course included a theory session, theory exam and a practical session involving virtual training and assessments.

The virtual assessment included a spraying test prior and after the training. The results showed significant improvements for all attendees. One of the key parameters in concrete spraying performance is rebound. In average, the rebound was reduced from 26% to 16% (10% saving) corresponding to a reduction of 38% across all operators in average. Putting this in perspective, if you spray 10.000 m3 per year, assuming a cost of 250 EUR per m3, a 10% saving in rebound means a saving of 250.000 EUR per year.

The Edvirt team wants to thank Euroasia Bild Group and Master Builders Solutions for a successful project outcome in Kazakhstan. We hope more contractors and mining companies in the country will invest in their staff, safety and spraying operations.