From roads in Palestine to tunnels in Sweden


Thirty year old Alaa Alshaqra moved to Sweden two years ago from Palestine, due to the dangerous situation back home. In Palestine he used to work as a civil engineer in construction of roads and buildings and was a site engineer for United Nations in different projects supporting the Palestinians in Gaza strip.

When he got to Sweden, he had difficulties in getting a job within his field and was unemployed for some time, even though he attended different internships. When the E4 Stockholm Bypass project started he got an offer to participate in Edvirt´s shotcrete and grouting certification courses, arranged by the City of Stockholm and EfAS (The Unit for External Employer Interaction). The courses equipped Alaa with hands on knowledge that was great to combine with his engineering degree and previous work experience from Palestine. It also helped him to get a job in the tunnelling industry. “It was a really good course with a mix of theory, practical assessments and information around safety procedures. The course is well suited for both operators and engineers”, says Alaa.

He now works for LSAB (Lovön Samverkan AB) at the site FSE308 in the E4 Stockholm Bypass project. His job duties are mainly quality control engineer, but also to follow up and apply shotcrete and to be part of the grouting team, both of which he is certified for by the Swedish Transport Administration.

The course Alaa attended was initiated and financed by the City of Stockholm and the department EfAS. Edvirt is now also running a similar employment program with West Hisingen district in the City of Gothenburg.

“We especially enjoy to hold courses for participants like Alaa, where the course can make a huge difference for individuals. It’s really great to see him at his new job”, says Edvirt’s CEO Tomislav Rogan.