Employment project with City of Gothenburg

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The demand for underground workers in the Swedish mining and tunneling industry is getting bigger and bigger. At present, there are a couple of major projects ongoing, including LKAB’s and Boliden’s mining sites as well as the tunneling projects E4 Stockholm Bypass and the Westlink.  The are also huge projects underway like the Nuclear storage project in Forsmark and the extension of the subway in Stockholm. There is already a shortage of underground workers in the industry and over the next 10 years there will be an even bigger need.

Edvirt has together with the City of Gothenburg entered into a collaboration about the training of 10 unemployed individuals living in the West Hisingen district. The participants are given the opportunity to go through Edvirt’s shotcrete training courses, equipping them with skills for work underground. The courses and training is currently in progress and will include theory, concrete lab tests and shotcrete VR-training. The participants will after the training also do internships at various sites in Sweden.

If you are interested in getting more information, or potentially can offer an internship or a job, please contact:

Tomislav Rogan
Tel. +46 737 66 02 40
Email. tomislav.rogan@edvirt.com