E4 Stockholm Bypass sprayed concrete operator certification

Källa: www.trafikverket.se

Källa: www.trafikverket.se

All sprayed concrete operators working in the E4 Stockholm Bypass project are obligated to be project certified. The certification is issued by Trafikverket (The Swedish Transport Administration) and includes both theoretical and practical training and assessment. The practical part is performed on Edvirt's 3D Shotcrete Simulator™ at Trafikverket's facilities in Kista, Stockholm.

All operators have to go through and pass 17 assignments on the simulator. The training course is scheduled through Edvirt. Having operators working in the project without a valid certification is accounted as a contract breach between the hired contractor and Trafikverket.

If you want more information, please read this press release or contact eric.odkrans@edvirt.com.

To schedule training for you operators, please go to the following website: