The ESCOT™ certification is a standard created by Edvirt AB back in 2012. It is a proof that individuals have gone through and passed a structured sprayed concrete operator training program. The program includes both theory and practical modules and individuals performance are objectively evaluated.

The program's theory module includes the following subjects:

  • The purpose of sprayed concrete

  • Syftet med att träna betongsprutningsoperatörer

  • Berg och markstöd

  • Concrete technology

  • Spraying equipment

  • Applicering och sprutteknik

  • Health, safety and environment

The theory can be done online through Edvirt Online Academy™ or in a classroom format. The theory is specified to take approximately 8 hours to finish including a test with 30 questions. Individuals need at least 75 % correct answers to pass the test and theory module. 

The practical module includes training and tests with a sprayed concrete simulator (VR Shotcrete Simulator™), that has been scientifically validated by an independent body (University of Technology in Luleå). Individuals need to show that they are qualified by passing 14 assignments containing the following activities:

  • Start och avstängningsförfarande

  • Säker sprutning (operatörposition, undvika nedfall etc.)

  • Användning av styrenhet och robotmanövrering

  • Sprutvinkel och avstånd

  • Betongens vidhäftning och återstuds

  • Pump och acceleratordosering

  • Beredning och tvättning av bergytan

  • Sprutning av små och stora områden

  • Tjocklekskontroll och minimering av spill

  • Systematic spraying

  • Tidsbegränsad sprutning

  • Filling an over-break

  • Sprutning runt hörn

The practical module is specified to take 16-40 hours dependent on the skill level of the individual. The attendee needs to finish all assignments or spend at least 10 effective hours trying all of them out.

The practical module starts off with a spraying test. The same test is later conducted after the training to in order to evaluate performance improvement for each attendee.

Each individual passing the program will be awarded a printed or digital ESCOT™ certificate.

The certificate is valid for 5 years.