The certificate is aimed towards both novice and experienced Nozzlemen. There is no experience required to go through an EFNARC C2 course. Obtaining the certificate includes the passing of four training modules included in the 5-day course;

1) Theory session,
2) Theory exam,
3) Training and Assessment in VR and
4) Practical session.

Edvirt® delivers EFNARC C2 courses, by arranging full on-demand or scheduled courses, or supplying equipment to EFNARC Examiners. Edvirt’s simulator, the VR Shotcrete Simulator™ is accredited by EFNARC hence it can be used to conduct Module 3 of the certification - the Training and Assessment in VR.

Please contact us to attend a course, have us organize one at your site, or to rent equipment to plan your own course.

More information at www.efnarc.org.